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Club Secretary - Phil Tibbs - Tel:- 07889401053 |

All those who are interested in being added to our judging list please see the links below.

Prospective Judges are advised to read the Criteria for each section of the list before applying. A decision for inclusion will be made in writing after next available club meeting.

All 5 forms must be completed before consideration of your application. Any problems or questions please email Becky at Please note that although we are available for assistance by email


All applications must be sent to Club Secretary -

Becky Swainston, 1 Travers street, New Herrington, Tyne and Wear, DH4 7AA

For all relevant seminars needed for our judging lists please visit gazette where each month the Kennel Gazette is published online. Here you can find out where judging/stewarding seminars are in your area in the Seminar Diaries.

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