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Club Progress

This club is extremely proud and of course thrilled with our progression, we have added a few articles below. We will continue to work together with our members, the DDB Community and the Kennel Club with continued success. Clicking on each article will give you the bigger picture :-)


Although we didn’t win this year, we put in a huge amount of work into the club stand to make sure the Dogue De Bordeaux was well represented by The Northern Club, the stand was continuously applauded throughout the day for the in depth content relevant to our breed.

Ensuring our Club members have wonderful keepsake awards from our Club Shows!


The launch of the HEALTH CHECKS at our Club Open Show was a huge success!!

The Northern Club was pleased to launch the new DDB Health Check scheme that complies with KC guidance for ‘high profile’ breeds. At our Open Show no less than 37 Dogues took part. This was a great demonstration of commitment by the DDB community. The vet’s results were encouraging and will form part of our breed’s feedback to the KC. So thank you everyone who took part. (Please see our ‘Breed Health’ page…)

January 2015

We received the fantastic news from the Kennel Club that our breed will receive challenge certificates for the first time next year. This marks the culmination of hard work and determination by many.

None of this would be possible without those that work tirelessly for the genuine betterment of our breed, which includes members from both clubs, breeders and exhibitors who get involved in schemes and shows. People behind the scenes who take no personal credit such as our our breed Health Co-ordinator. (Clive Fray). Also those who work hard with the welfare and rescue of our breed deserve much credit too.

All of these groups and people are recognised and presumably, this is why the Kennel Club approached the clubs with the proposal to award us championship status. We just thought it was important for us as a club to let you know that it is in fact “everyone” who had a “positive and altruistic” role in the Dogue De Bordeaux world that should be applauded for this milestone in the breed. So we would like to say “CONGRATULATIONS” and “thank you” to you all!

CC Celebration at our club Open Show 8th February 2015’
We had a fantastic ‘CC’ celebration at our show with cakes and bubbly…thank you to everyone that joined in this special day….please enjoy our gallery……